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One guy write me private message here, ask some details about how better a make hotel appointment (prive ontvangst). In Belgium this is without problems, anybody never don't have anyone questions. But anyway don't need relax.) 

Luxembourg and the Netherlands found safe place where girls can stay without problems, this is really problematic. But we was found safe places. 

Here I want share some my recommendations how better come to girl in hotel. This is my mood only, not rules. But I have some experience and will see différents situations when this is appointments not have happy end. (-:

For example one not standard situation when appointment was have not good final. This is was happening 2 years ago in Amsterdam. Someone girl which before have 1-2 tours with someone escort agency in Amsterdam, arrived on tour independent. Agency don't like it, girl arrived in Amsterdam check in Hotel, and have first meeting. Man arrived in hotel and waited sms from girl when she will ready. 

Him received sms and go in her room. Reception stoped him and beginning ask a lot questions, where him go, number room, name quest... etc... If reception stoped and beginning ask many questions, I'm totally recommending forget about meeting and don't trying continue in this is hotel appointment. This is not good when reception ask questions. 

I think better tell wrong room number, and any name (Mannen name), after tell you wrong and arrived not this is hotel... go out. Because 95% if reception begins ask a lot questions, meeting not will be have normal continued. 80% if man trying continue meeting after this is talking with reception. Him come in room girl, after reception calling in room girl for tell she have 20 minutes for leave hotel... 

Continue story about independent girl. Man arrived in room after talking with reception, after 15 minutes in door knocking administrator hotel and police. ( Nothing bad for man, but anyway situation not good.( 

This is girl was have problem because, agency call (or send email, I don't know exactly), in reception, and some telling about this is girl. Off course tell about she escort, also I think tell (lie) about drugs... Because police some was trying found .... And was have very strong attention to medicaments which girl have. Really girl not have any illegal, and police go. 

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We never don't have similar situations. 99% Hotel appointments was good. But I know when arrived on tour some new independent, or new escort agency send firsts time girls on tour... This is tour associated for me with this is picture 

If man arrived early I think better waiting out hotel, in cafe, or car, when girl will ready. Also task operator must give exactly instructions easy way how man can quickly found room. 

When the girl sent the room number, the man should go to the hotel, making an intelligent face, sure to go to the elevators. Of course, do not start first to ask the reception desk how to find the girl's number. It is not necessary to do this. The result is nothing complicated, you need to comply with these simple rules, this will guarantee that your appointment at the hotel will always have a happy ending. 🙂

I think it will be much easier for an appointment to take place if each participant has the same rules. Each operator or a girl, hold appointment at their individually. This does not mean that who is doing it right, and who is not right. Everyone does this in different ways. The difference is not big, it's different little things, sometimes make the appointment process difficult. So I was the initiator, to create some general rules (recommendations) how easy it is to make an appointment with WhatsApp, sms ...

if you have any questions, ask, I will gladly answer you, I will tell my opinion. For communication with me, you can send mail, or write me on the forum a private message. You can also ask a question by posting it on the forum. I'm sure here are people who know the answers to your questions, better than I do. I do not consider myself a professional, especially communication in the native language for you will be much easier.


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