Report about fake escorts in Belgium  


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15/09/2017 23:43  

Dear gentleman, roksolana this is platform for promotion profiles escorts girls. Last time beginning add profiles local escort girls. We accept advertising this is ladies FOR FREE. But have one important rule.

Escort girl must use REAL PICTURES only. Also writing real services. We are glad see anyone escort girl who honestly provided services. 

Roksolana name trusted a lot people, we are never don't use fake pictures, and always strongly ask girls writing REAL SERVICES only! Honestly and high quality service this is our main rule and life style. We don't want change this is rule never.

Some local agencies was ask have advertising on roksolana, also offer good price for advertising on escort site roksolana. We are don't agreed, because this agencies use fake pictures. Of course we are love money). But money not main priority in our life. This is reason why roksolana don't have a lot profiles on site. 

Roksolana not standard big directory, where girl = client, because she pay money. Client - king... We are have other principles. Now we don't take money from girls who add profiles on roksolana,   Also if we will have reported from 2-3 our regular members about anyone girl, she use fake pictures, or writing fake services, PLEASE REPORT about it.

Write reviews inside profile girl or writing reviews on forum. You will loose 4 minutes, for writing reviews. But you save money and time others Gentleman. Also we regularly give bonus gift, for active members who write reviews. 

We don't buying good reviews, we say "thanks" for your opinion, and important information about anyone your experience. This is information will help others Gentleman have minimal risk have bad experience if him book girl on roksolana site. We don't accept advertising girls who use fake profiles. 

We want save excellent reputation name "roksolana" in future, for anyone can book girl and have minimal risks still unhappy. 

Site where 95% girls have very good reviews only. This is really. For last 3 years our work in Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, roksolana girls have 3-4 bad reviews FOR 3 years. I think this is excellent results. All others girls have good or very good reviews. I'm not lie, anybody know us, and cab check it. I'm remember this is reviews.) 



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